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Mobile is at the centre of today's digital lifestyle - according to the latest UK statistics, 43% of all phones are Smart Phones, and 87% of them use it to access the internet.

People are booking more hotels last minute now, and mobile marketing enables you to reach these people. Research indicates that 80% of mobile bookings are made on the day that the reservation is for – a good example of when a mobile website is essential is when bad weather sets in and snow forces journeys to be delayed, this is where people turn to there phone to find somewhere to stay.

The key difference between the mobile Web and traditional World Wide Web is the limited capacity for lots of text, so information needs to be filtered - limit your mobile site to only the most essential information.

We can create you a mobile website for your business which are  perfect for smart phone & iPad users – see an example at http://m.croftleahouse.co.uk/

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