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Our team consists of experienced individuals from backgrounds in areas of which we specialize. The success of our company is built on the expertise from these individuals and their ability to work in cooperation, evaluate competition, analyze potential areas of growth and take on challenges.

Angela Bezuidenhout (Director / Owner)
Angela is responsible for all of the accounting and invoicing. She looks after client websites with continual maintenance as well as creating new sites, she is fully knowledgeable in html and css.

Marius Bezuidenhout (Head of Operations)
Marius is responsible for development and maintenance and helps to formulate new ideas into definitive solutions. Educated in South Africa, Marius's strengths are in the field of SEO and IT development - responsible for promoting and driving business to your web site. Marius has over 15 years of experience in the internet.

Ali Penman (Head of Design and Development)
Head of Design and Development and leads the creative design team. Ali is responsible for the design, development and creation of client websites. He helps to create brand identity for Web Smart Media client sites and is involved in social media integration. Ali is fully knowledgeable in html, css, php and has expert experience in all key Internet design related software.

Buzz (Head of Ball Retrieving and Stress Relief)
Buzz's daily routine at Web Smart Media involves many tasks. A keen ball retriever he is known to dabble in squeeky toy playful routines. Buzz mainly concentrates on yoghurt pot and milk carton destruction. He is also fully knowledgable in RSO (Rabbit Sniffing Out) and LIFOTF (Lying In Front Of The Fire)! He also provides many moments of stress relief and laughs for the team...


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